Extends Safari so you can search on your favorite sites without leaving the current page or tab — with one click or your keyboard only.

It's the best way to integrate your favorite search engines and sites.

Currently supported languages are:
English, Spanish, German, French and Italian

And the best part, it's free and easy to use!

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Safari 5.1 or later required.


What is OpenSearch?

OpenSearch provides the ability to add a search engine plugin to your browser.

It was developed by subsidary A9, was unveiled in 2005 and quickly adopted by popular browsers like Firefox, Camino, Chrome and also the Internet Explorer.

What is OpenSearch for Safari?

Because Safari never got the joy of OpenSearch like other browsers, OpenSearch for Safari adds it with a Safari extension.

Now you can search on more search engines than Google, Bing and Yahoo with one simple click.

What are the system requirements?

Since OpenSearch for Safari takes advantage of the popover functionality, you need Safari 5.1 or later. It's tested with Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10), Mavericks (10.9) and all other versions with Safari 5.1 and later.

Can I add search engines?

Yes. You have to go to the specific site, whose search engine plugin you want to add. If the toolbar item shows a badge, number on top of it with the counter of the available search engine plugins, you can click on the toolbar item and add its plugins.

What sites are providing OpenSearch plugins?

Some popular sites are, Wikipedia, Wolfram|Alpha, IMDb, Quora, YouTube, Vine, Hulu, Stack Exchange, Flickr and much more.

If no search engine is available or can be added, what can I do?

The OpenSearch for Safari extension is based on the OpenSearch specification. To be able to add a search engine plugin, the site you visit has to provide it's plugins via auto-discovery. For more information visit OpenSearch specification.

Can I remove search engine plugins?

Yes. Hover over the plugin in your list. An X button appears; click the button to remove the plugin.

Can I control it with my keyboard?

Yes. On an active tab you can open OpenSearch for Safari with the shortcut ⌥⌘O (Option-Command-O). To select a search engine plugin, just use the ↑ and ↓ (Up and Down arrow) keys. To search, press ⏎ (Return).

If you want to remove a plugin, select it and press ⌘-Delete (Command-Delete).

Can I disable the shortcut?

In Safari go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions and select the OpenSearch for Safari extension. You can disable the shortcut by disabling "Enable shortcut".

What's about the predefined search engine plugins?

Few predefined search engine plugins are equipped with affiliate tags to support future development of this extension and other products. You are free to remove them.

I removed a predefined search engine plugin and can't re-add it. What can I do?

Some predefined search engines are predefined because the specific sites don't provide a search engine plugin based on the OpenSearch specification. If you want to restore a predefined search engine, just remove all search engine plugins and restart Safari.

If you want to re-add a self-added plugin, just visit the website and add the search engine plugin.

I would like to provide a search engine plugin on my site. What can I do?

For more information please visit the OpenSearch specification.

I have to report a bug or something I have to share. How can I contact you?

Just send us an email to [email protected] and we will come back to you.


Thomas Pockrandt

Conception & Development

Devran Ünal

Frontend & Graphical User Interface